Yesterday, Deadline reported that CBS is now developing a television series based on the 2004 comedy In Good Company – also known as the movie where Topher Grace became the envy of virtually every living American male. In the original film, directed by Paul Weitz, Grace stars as a successful “emotionally guarded, anal retentive asshole” who not only scoops a prestigious job from a much older, more experienced advertising executive (Dennis Quaid) but also beds the man’s college-aged daughter, played by Scarlett Johansson.

Not only does Company boast very solid, touching performances from Grace and Quaid – and a satirical, over-the-top turn from Malcolm McDowell as frenetic ad mogul “Teddy K” – it was also the film that made me really start to warm up to ScarJo. Watching 2001’s Ghost World, I was far more partial to Thora Birch’s gothic Lolita. Lost in Translation was all about Bill Murray’s transcendence. But there was a moment in In Good Company during which my movie date later told me I gasped audibly in the theater. Watch Johansson’s gradual, no-nonsense seduction of Topher Grace’s character in the following scenes and see why. (Or, better still, locate and watch the full feature. Not only does the humor hold up, Company’s send up of meaningless synergy and corporate culture still feels nearly prescient 10 years later.)