I just re-watched Jerry Maguire not two days ago, so I was surprised to click on Twitter and find “Renée Zellweger” as a trending topic. Unfortunately, it was not a mutual groundswell of nostalgia for Cameron Crowe comedies but a nationwide preoccupation with the horrors of plastic surgery that once again pushed the Bridget Jones actress to the forefront of the public consciousness. Photographs of Zellweger taken recently at an event show her looking remarkably different than most people remember her – barely recognizable, in fact.

Expect this baffling transformation to dominate the entertainment new cycle for at least a few more hours. One could choose to revel in the melancholy of it all, joining the clamor of “How the hell?” crowd speculation that will most likely culminate in some gleefully vicious appraisal from the ultimate pot-calling-the-kettle-refurbished, Kathy Griffin.

Or, one could choose to remember Renée Zellweger as she was when she first came to our attention — all sweetness and cheeks and squinty eyes. Though she hasn’t been an actor in high demand for many years, Zellweger’s back catalogue is vast. If you crave a trip down memory lane to better times, however, Netflix makes it easy to choose: Only five of her films are available to stream, including the aforementioned crowd-pleaser Jerry Maguire and Anthony Minghella’s Cold Mountain for which Zellweger won an Oscar, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Cold Mountain (2003)