V.I.P: Those three golden letters that can elevate pretty much any experience from meh to memorable. But there are a select few experiences—available only to a select few—that take the concept of “VIP” treatment to entirely another level. From sports events to music festivals to fine dining, we’ve curated the most lavish, over-the-top VIP packages from around the world to see how the one-percenters live…and frivolously blow their cash.

NAME: Musha Cay
POSH CRED: David Copperfield’s private island in the Bahamas
COST: $39,000/day for up to 12 guests; $1,500 per additional person (up to 24)
WHAT PUSHES IT OVER THE TOP: Want a truly magical experience? No, not guys with mullets flying magical—much better than that. Cough up $39,000 per day, and David Copperfield’s cushy collection of private islands can be yours. (And, of course, along with that hefty price tag comes two “magic” words: all-inclusive.) Located in the idyllic Exumas portion of the Bahamas, 700-acre Copperfield Bay is where the rich relax—and play.

The crown jewel of Copperfield Bay’s 11 islands is Musha Cay, where five villas (all with their own private beaches) provide the luxe lodging options. At 10,000 square feet, “Highview” is the biggest home on the island, perched atop a hill and offering a 360-degree view of its sandy surroundings.

No one goes hungry on Musha Cay, where special air charters bring in any type of food guests desire; no one goes thirsty, either, thanks to a 500-bottle wine cellar. The appointed personal chef pulls heavily from the island bounty, making fresh fruit salsas to accompany local fish like lobster, tuna, grouper, and mahi mahi. Meals can be enjoyed all over the island, from an isolated, three-mile-long sandbar to a balmy beach pavilion to “The Landing,” which overlooks Musha Cay’s main dock and also has a gaming/karaoke area.

True to form, Copperfield pays homage to great magicians of the past with a “Harry Houdini Room,” replete with Houdini’s own championship pool table, part of his famed water torture cell, and a fortune-telling machine. Other cool features found on the island include the “Dave’s Drive-In” beach movie theater and a secret jungle village (reachable only by underground tunnel). Of course, for those who just want to veg on their vacation, Copperfield Bay’s 40 beaches should do the trick—as snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and more await.

Copperfield once summed up the island experience as a “cleansing sorbet of creativity,” but it’s one that certainly requires a posh palate.