Right now, and for most of the morning, #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbola has been among the highest trending topics in the U.S. on Twitter, more so even than #EbolaQ&A or Breast Cancer Awareness Month — yunno, stuff that might make a difference. Instead, we have folks across the country racking their brains for ways to shoehorn the name of a global threat into the title of a movie that most likely does not deserve to be so maligned.

Let’s not even address the thousands of thoughtless, unfunny tweets posted by twits nationwide in an effort to get in on a trending topic. I won’t even link to those. Let’s focus on the backlash – and there is quite a bit:

The most remarkable thing about this untimely hashtag is that even those understandably outraged by its prevalence are helping to keep it popping. What’s both funny and sad is that this is how Twitter works: Jokes go viral/communal in an instant. New spreads faster than wildfire. Unfortunately, so does bad taste and insensitivity — even when you’re speaking out against it.