OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations, recently did up an analysis that revealed reservations for parties of one have increased by 62 percent.

While your imagination may immediately go to sad sacks sighing loudly over a dismal plate of meatloaf quietly humming “Happy Birthday” to themselves, it’s not as lonely as it might initially sound, according to Caroline Potter, OpenTable’s Chief Dining Officer.

“As dining out has become one of our national pastimes, solo diners are taking every opportunity to visit top restaurants whenever they get the opportunity, much as they might attend a sporting event or show,” said Potter. “Solo dining is about treating yourself to a delicious experience and savoring every bite. From communal and counter seating to doting table service, restaurants are welcoming parties of one with open arms.”

So in many cases, it’s more a celebration of “Treat Yo Self” than “I got nowhere else to go.” And if you’re wondering what U.S. cities are really going for it with eating alone, these are the top metropolitan areas that have seen the strongest growth in dining solo (in order):

  1. Dallas, Texas

  2. Miami, Florida

  3. Denver, Colorado

  4. New York, New York

  5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  6. Las Vegas, Nevada

  7. Chicago, Illinois

Bon appetit, America.