Gunplay, bike stunts and unstoppable monsters. Is there any way in which the trailer for the animated Resident Evil: Vendetta—AKA Biohazard: Vendetta, because translations—doesn’t seem like the very definition of a good time?

How this movie connects with other Resident Evil installments is complicated. Technically, it takes place in the same universe as the video games and other animated movies—2008’s Resident Evil: Degeneration and 2012’s Resident Evil: Damnation—but this one’s entirely separate from the live-action movies starring Milla Jovovich.

That means that, while audiences might miss Alice and her endless backflipping stunts, they’ll get to enjoy Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers in a story set just before next year’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard video game. (Alternatively, you could ignore all of that and just enjoy the lure of a hyper-violent militaristic zombie cartoon.)

Sadly, there’s no U.S. release scheduled for this movie just yet, but if you’re committed to seeing it, you could always visit Japan this summer. It’s set to hit theaters over there May 27.