Nearly every day since June, people have flocked to a resort in Central China to participate in the ultimate endurance competition: beer-chugging.

The resort, called Happy Valley, holds the contests each day to find—and crown—the world’s next beer king and queen. This is a title won by teams of two, who each try to slam as much as two liters of alcohol from a bowl in five minutes.

Winners are determined by whoever has the least amount of beer left in the bowl by the end of the five minutes. The prize: free entrance to the resort, and the promise of a “beer king” title. This has clearly proved alluring for many. On August 9, more than 100 people took part in the competition.

And, apparently, there was some talent in the room. According to the Daily Mail, one guy chugged the entire two liters by himself in two minutes. (Two minutes!) Others struggled, and gave in to the stiff competition after four minutes.

Don’t try this at home, kids. Because at home there’s not free entry to a resort waiting for you.

H/T Daily Mail