In the realm of language, perhaps nothing is less titillating than the word “retainer.” From the molding of it to the discomfort they can bring, they are among the most unsexy things imaginable. That is, until a Taiwanese dentist/artist dreamed up a retainer for sex acts.

Kuang-Yi Ku created an exhibit, which was on display last week at King’s College Gallery, called The Fellatio Modification Project—a project that seeks to enhance sensory experience during oral sex. The retainers are made in the same manner as conventional ones: Your teeth are moulded and then cast into a silicone augmented retainer. Except these retainers, thanks to a customizable surface of small bumps, have a far more, let’s say specific function.

Also of importance was the part of the exhibit that sought to make a better version of the dental dam for cunnilingus and analingus.

Ku imagines that perhaps one day people might want to modify their very bodies with the sense-augmenting aspects present in his retainer. So in essence the trailblazing multihyphenate is bringing us closer to a Terry Gilliam vision of the future. Nice!