Retirees tend to spend their “golden years” playing golf in Florida or squandering their savings at Indian casinos. And that’s if they’re lucky. Less fortunate seniors spend their final days in a double-wide, eating cat food and watching reruns of Judge Judy.

But Art Nalls is different. The former Marine pilot and lieutenant colonel is spending his retirement in the cockpit of his very own Harrier Jump Jet.

That video makes me want to join the AARP.

If you’re wondering how Nalls was able to afford his own Harrier, the answer is he’s stinking rich. He made his money in real estate, and cashed out before everything went to hell in 2007. Personally, I hope he made it all on subprime mortgages, and now laughs maniacally every time he flies over a foreclosed home.

At any rate, it sure beats “Canasta Night” at the Elks Lodge.

(H/T: BroBible)

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