When it comes to iconic videogame designs, Nintendo’s flattened the competition pummeled like Mario with a mushroom power-up flattening a Goomba. They also likely possess a monopoly on milennial nostalgia for analog gaming technologies. So Bohemian Workbench saw a powerful opportunity; what if 8-bit history could be leveraged into useful furniture? Thus, the above Nintendo coffee table was born.

As with the rest of Bohemian Workbench’s products, this piece is a handmade coffee table emulating the design of the famous Super Nintendo console controller. The website boasts that all of their tables are made in Los Angeles’ Venice neighborhood completely by hand, without computer assistance.

While this specific table isn’t gaming compatible, Bohemian Work Bench does have functioning large scale controller tables. As if the nostalgia factor wasn’t enough, they even have a Nintendo Zapper replicated in a rich mahogany.

Also check out some of Bohemian Workbench’s other designs. Including a Nintendo themed conference table, lifeguard outpost dog house, and an upscale glass coffee table that, naturally, is Nintendo-themed.