According to the NY Daily News, the son of a Swiss millionaire paid three friends $15,000 to set fire to his $245,000 Ferrari. Why? Because he wanted a new car.

Seriously, did you read the previous paragraph? What a sack of shit.

According to his own testimony, the 20-year old was unhappy with his Ferrari 458 Italia but did not have the courage to ask his father for a new one. This part of the story is understandable, because telling someone you don’t like a $245,000 gift is considered by many to be a dick move. As a child, I remember giving my parents a hard time for buying RC Cola instead of Coke or Pepsi. As I got older, I felt bad about it. But after reading this story, I feel much better.

At any rate, the asshole in question could have simply driven one of the 14 ridiculously expensive cars his father had purchased for him (including a Lamborghini). Or he could have tried to save up his $10,000 monthly allowance (also from his father) and buy a car on his own.

But instead, he consulted with a car dealer who advised him that insurance fraud was the way to go. He then hatched a plan to pay three friends $15,000 to light his car on fire in southern Germany while he went for a massage.

His friends were caught on security cameras and police quickly figured out what was going on.

He was eventually sentenced to 22 months probation and ordered to pay a fine of $32,000. That might sound like a pretty light punishment, but considering it was a European court, it’s the U.S. equivalent of 20-years in a Supermax.

(Source: The NY Daily News, H/T: Jalopnik)