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14 Rich Kids Explain What They Thought Was Normal Until They Learned Otherwise (Volume II)

14 Rich Kids Explain What They Thought Was Normal Until They Learned Otherwise (Volume II): 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

Reddit wanted to hear from their “rich kid” users about when they found out their level of wealth was not normal. Of course we found this quite intriguing and made an article of the best below. The only thing worse than a rich kid is a rich kid not knowing that caviar and European vacations aren’t a luxury everyone gets to enjoy. Said rich kids.

Taking trips overseas constantly. I remember being so surprised in elementary school that my friends had never been to Europe. My earliest memory takes place in a villa in Monaco.

Also, apparently 6 year olds aren’t supposed to like tartare or oysters on the half shell.

Watching SportsCenter reruns all morning in college and complaining I was bored.

A poor kid finally schooled me on the fact everyone else had to work to put themselves through college and become indentured servants to pay off their student loans.

I was trying to show a friend of mine that she’s rich because her family has a TEAM of maids and drivers. Seriously, a driver for every member of the family. She said she’s not rich, because “Everyone has maids and drivers.” I asked her… do you think your maids and drivers have maids and drivers? I think then it clicked that she might be rich.

My 8-year-old came home from school last year and told me that not everyone had a tennis court. In fact, he said, nobody but he had a tennis court in his class.

He was amazed that other kids played in the street, instead of their own tennis court.

Complaints about “airport security.” We never got around to owning a plane, but most of our family friends who we would vacation with would share theirs with us. Basically you show up at the local airport and hop right on. If we ever took a commercial jet, we had a pre-paid TSA pre-check that let us zip through our own security line. I never understood why people would say they planned on heading to the airport two hours before their flight…

Only middle class, but I realized I was “globally rich” when in the Marines. Filipino folks were taking our trash to fix their roofs.

Growing up I thought apartment buildings were only for college students. I didn’t know families lived in them.

My boyfriend grew up that way. His mom once told me a story about how, after the first few days of kindergarten, the teachers called her. They expressed concern that he might have an “eating problem” because at lunch he would not eat the packed lunch his mom (but most likely house-keeper) had made for him. His mom came to school the next day to investigate, and after watching him for a little while she noticed he was visibly avoiding eating his lunch and talking up a storm to other kids. Then it hit her. He didn’t know how to feed himself.

Yes, that’s right. HE DIDN’T F—ING KNOW HOW TO FEED HIMSELF because apparently, up until that point, he had been PHYSICALLY FED BY HIS HOUSE-KEEPER……

I thought until the start of high school that a $100 bottle of wine was cheap. Expensive ones are several thousand after all.

At the end of the year we decided to offer our retiring teacher a bottle of wine and he said: “Don’t buy a $100 bottle”. I made a joke about how picky he was and made a fool of myself.

Probably a weird example but, growing up all of our dishes were made of fine china, Waterford glassware etc. And I just thought that’s what plates and stuff were made of because we didn’t have anything else. Then one time I went to a friend’s house for dinner and we ate on colored plastic plates and non-matching plastic cups, I just thought that was the weirdest thing ever and asked why we were eating with “camping dishes.”

My mom would not let my friend order the cheapest thing on the menu, which I never realized is something poor children are trained to do. I thought you could just pick whatever you wanted to eat…

To never discuss the affordability of things within a family. I thought it was totally taboo. Which isn’t to say I got everything I wanted growing up (I was an obsessively frugal kid) but I was never denied something on the basis of “we can’t afford that.” I was pretty shocked in elementary school when my friend’s mom told her they couldn’t afford to buy something. I guess in my mind it was impolite for parents to talk about money issues with kids and it hadn’t yet dawned on me that sometimes that’s unavoidable.

Going on ski holiday every year. Living in Germany, where the alps are just a two hour’s drive away, but still flying to western Canada for skiing at whistler mountain.

John Travolta told a cute story about his daughter once: they had to fly commercial once and she was shocked, incredulous, and asked, ‘daddy, who are all these people on our plane?!’ She thought everyone had their own 757.

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