To celebrate Super Bowl 50, the Taste of the NFL has partnered with chefs across the country to cook great food for an even better cause: helping food banks throughout America. Luckily for you, they’ve shared some of their best recipes with us, which we’ll post all season long.

For more information — or to donate to your favorite team and city — visit, where 100 percent of the proceeds generated from the Kick Hunger Challenge go directly back to local communities in the 32 NFL cities. For tickets to Taste of the NFL’s 25th annual Party with a Purpose on Super Bowl Eve, click here.

This week’s recipe is from Chef Richard Blais of Juniper & Ivy in San Diego, Calif.

Burger from Juniper & Ivy


• 2 Ground Beef Patties (each 4 oz.), preferably equal parts Chuck, Short Rib and Brisket
• 1 Bun, Toasted
• 1 oz Burger Sauce (recipe below)
• 2 slices American Cheese
• 5 Bread & Butter Pickles
• 1 Onion, sliced into rounds (coated in 2 tablespoons of yellow mustard)

Burger Sauce

• 1 Cup Ketchup
• 1 Cup Mayonnaise
• ½ Cup Relish
• 1 tablespoon garlic powder
• 1 tablespoon onion powder

Mix all ingredients of burger sauce together until fully incorporated. Reserve. Toast buns on grill.

In a cast iron pan, sear burgers, cook until medium rare. Cook onions on grill until charred and tender. Stack onions on top of one burger, and top with cheese. Top second patty with cheese also.

Stack burgers on top of each other and build.

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