With an act that can only be called a fiscal version of a bro-fist, Richard Branson is set to take Stephen Hawking to space at some point within the near future. In a recent Piers Morgan interview on Good Morning Britan, Stephen Hawking disclosed that Virgin Ceo Richard Branson had offered to take Hawking to space. The answer from the man who helped orient how must people consider the cosmos was just as enthused as you’d expect. “I said yes immediately. Since that day, I have never changed my mind.”

Hawking would be flying on Virgin Galactic on one of their high altitude plane/spacecraft hybrids that can withstand stratospheric altitude. In case that didn’t sound futuristic enough, just take a look at the picture of the craft.

Via Virgin Galactic

Via Virgin Galactic

Honestly, would you expect anything less? Also in the realm of the unexpected, is the fact that Hawking felt the current era of conservative politics has an ominous outlook for both America and Britain. On the domestic end, Hawking expressed fears over climate change, especially with the appointing of anti-EPA trump cabinet member Scott Pruitt.

“Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it’s one we can prevent,” he said.

So the future outlook for the man who helped shape the perception of space? It seems to be a bit of balance. On one hand there’s anxiety of an upcoming apocalypse, and on the other is flying through space with playboy billionaires.

Doesn’t look too bad overall.