There is no denying that a watch has sex appeal. As the lone piece of jewelry that most guys wear, part of its job—aside from telling time—is to be a bright, shiny thing that attracts the attention of potential mates. Rather than being discreet about that fact, the new Richard Mille RM 69 Tourbillon watch tells it you to your face.

The RM 69 is a cheeky play on the history of erotic watches right down to the number in its name. It has three titanium rollers that have phrases engraved on each side that spin to form a series of different messages, such as “I Want To Caress You Madly,” “Let Me Kiss You Tonight,” or, if that’s too PG for you, “I Long To Arouse Your Nipples.”

And just in case you happen to be looking for the perfect sext message at an inconvenient time like 11:05 when the rollers are obscured by the hour and minute hands, the RM 69 has a special push-button located at 8 o'clock that causes the hands to retract and expose the dial in full. A strip tease, if you will.

Only 30 of the watches will be produced (wouldn’t 69 have been a better number?) and the price is not yet available, but other Richard Mille Tourbillons regularly go for more than $250,000.

courtesy richard mille

courtesy richard mille

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