Ridley Scott has revealed that scripts for Blade Runner 2 and Prometheus 2 are both written and that after he shoots The Martian, with Matt Damon, this November, he’ll roll into Blade Runner 2.

Of course, this leaves Prometheus 2 sitting on the runway, a sequel to a prequel that no one was in love with the first time around. Will it ever get made? It might … but these things will happen first:

  1. Gladiator 2
  2. Ghostbusters 3
  3. Meteor strike
  4. Bald Guy Fieri
  5. Any Bachelorette wedding anniversary
  6. Super Bowl winners, the Cleveland Browns
  7. Real zombies
  8. Ryan Seacrest quits a job
  9. Any Kardashian gets a job
  10. Marmoset rampage
  11. Cold fusion
  12. Fucking unicorns
  13. Unicorns, fucking
  14. Paula Deen, NAACP Spokeswoman
  15. World peace
  16. George Lucas allows Fox to release the un-improved original Star Wars trilogy on Bluray
  17. Non-Explodey Sonnets, a book by Michael Bay
  18. Roslin-Adama presidential ticket
  19. Hoverboards
  20. Moon lasers
  21. Oprah finally moves into her hallowed-out volcano secret headquarters
  22. Wonkavators
  23. Goddamn Fraggles
  24. The answer to Who Shot Tupac?
  25. Time travel
  26. Hot Vulcan ladies
  27. Other Vulcans
  28. Firefly, Season 2