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Rihanna Balls Out Harder at Strip Clubs Than Any Dude (By a Long Shot)

Rihanna Balls Out Harder at Strip Clubs Than Any Dude (By a Long Shot): Rihanna in her "Pour It Up" music video

Rihanna in her "Pour It Up" music video

I wish Rihanna would write an etiquette book. She’s on a level I can’t imagine myself at if I dedicated my entire focus to flair with samurai-like dynamism. I would need an Avengers-like team of ballers, fashionistas, and hype beasts to help me to get within ballpark of Rihanna’s steez.

We can’t narrow down her seemingly indefinite era of rad, so let’s simply talk about her most recent outing. See, after her own concert, Rihanna and opening act Travis Scott rolled into Houston strip club V Live where she dropped $15,000 as strippers got their asses slapped by her as her music played, with TMZ catching the goods.

Now think about the coolest thing you’ve ever done with your life. That’s why Rihanna needs to tell us proper etiquette.

This isn’t remotely some fluke either. If anyone’s paid attention to Rihanna over the years, then it’s not so much a secret she can spend $8,000 at a strip club all by herself and nearly $100,000 if she was raging at a strip club with then-boyfriend Drake.

And that’s only when she’s not the one doing this…

…or this…

…but also this…

…and this too obviously…

…because Rihanna’s the best.

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