Last week, the Internet turned into an uproar after a blogger from a sports website decided it would be a great idea to use their platform to fat-shame music icon, style icon, designer, actress and all-around goddess Rihanna.

Basically, a writer from a site called Barstool Sports wrote a number of cutting remarks (a blog post titled “Is Rihanna Going to Make Being Fat the Hot New Trend?”) about the 29-year-old Barbados native, describing her as “looking like she’s in a sumo suit,“ while ultimately marginalizing womankind. The blog post missed any mark of humor and instead came off as a pea-brained attack on the star. The website subsequently suspended the writer, deleted the article, wrote a questionable half-hearted apology and then posted a follow up article praising Rihanna which was more or less a hot-bed of masked sarcasm.

Rihanna, however, carried on as usual, with simple daily activities like, you know, launching new shoes for Puma and unveiling the release of an upcoming make-up collection (stay tuned for Fenty Beauty, coming Fall 2017).

While her followers wondered if she would respond, Rihanna seemed oblivious until yesterday, when she offered her dedicated Internet fan base (they like to call themselves members of the Rihanna Navy) a simple meme, posted to her Instagram account of 58.8 million. Featuring Gucci Mane in two distinct levels of physical fitness, RiRi captioned a teardrop emoticon to draw home her point: She doesn’t give a fuck. Also, she has a solid sense of humor.


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Perhaps one of the most unfortunate aspects of the seeming controversy is how much attention has been placed on critiquing Rihanna’s physical appearance, when instead it could have been so much more beneficial to place the same level of attention on RiRi’s unparalleled list of accomplishments and awards for her trailblazing work and general maverick spirit.

Just a few weeks ago, she was honored by Parsons for her support of emerging designers.

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She also recently collaborated on a jewelry collection with Chopard.

It was also just the 10-year anniversary of the release of her acclaimed album “Good Girl Gone Bad.”

Frankly, we think Rihanna looks great no matter what, as exhibited here and here.