Anyone who’s ever shot a sex tape and then decided to watch it knows that it’s not a good idea. Because having sex feels a lot better than it looks, even if you look like, say, Rihanna.

On Monday, the singer set up an Instagram Live stream, allowing fans to watch one of the world’s biggest pop stars watch herself have sex. Well, sort of. The event was to celebrate RiRi’s hugely anticipated debut as Marion Crane on Bates Motel.

The live stream began with Rihanna—who’s usually supremely confident in front of the camera—like we’ve never seen her before: embarrassed. That was especially true when it came time for her to watch her sex scene. “This is so weird. Oh my god, I can’t,” she tells the camera, as her friends chortle in the background.

Things loosen up after she starts playing a drinking game that involves taking a shot every time someone says “Norman.” And since there’s still a ways to go before Rihanna’s Marion Crane actually ends up in that fateful shower (spoiler alert), watching Rihanna watch herself on Bates Motel just became the must-see show of the spring.

Watch the full live stream below.