As Tuesday moved from the afternoon doldrums of the workday to cocktail hour, some photos emerged online that had the world’s celebrity gossip hounds scrambling back to their desks in a panic. There was Rihanna—whose graininess was befitting of the telephoto lens that captured her—making out with an unidentified man in a pool.

The pictures were taken at a ultra-luxe villa in Spain, according to TMZ, a site known for identifying celebrities and their mystery lovers. But as the hours passed and our collective curiosity swelled to an unbearable pitch, no one was able to put a name to the bearded face of the man who suddenly found himself entwined with arguably the world’s most desirable pop star.

But with TMZ stumped, and the internet meme machine in overdrive, the Daily Mail stepped in to solve the mystery that would have given Sherlock Holmes himself fits. According to the British paper, the man in question is Hassan Jameel, heir to the Saudi Toyota fortune, which reportedly positions Jameel to inherit $1.5 billion.

And as if the idea of a global pop idol embarking on a whirlwind romance with a Saudi business magnate wasn’t enough to send tongues wagging from here all the way to the Barbados, an extra layer of intrigue was added thanks to Jameel’s alleged dating history.

The Sun, another U.K. tabloid (boy the Brits sure are good at this, aren’t they?) reports that Jameel was previously linked to Naomi Campbell. But wait! That’s not all. As BuzzFeed points out, Rihanna and Campbell were friends at one point, but their relationship had cooled as of late, culminating with the two stars unfollowing each other on Instagram. When Andy Cohen brought that up in a recent interview with Campbell, the super model coyly suggested that “everything’s fine.”

Of course, this happened months before the photos of RiRi and Jameel surfaced, which leads us to believe that their romance may have been developing for quite some time. While parsing through the personal lives of complete strangers might seem somewhat trite to some, any respite from the exhausting Russia investigations and the baffling exploits of the Trump administration is a welcome one indeed.