In a year from now, when you’re sitting in a darkened theater watching a larger-than-life Rihanna trade acidic one-liners with Lupita Nyong’o about “breaking necks and cashing checks,” you’ll have Twitter to thank for it.

When a photograph of the young queens sitting next to one another at a Miu Miu fashion show circa 2014 surfaced on Twitter last week, one imaginative user suggested it had the makings of a buddy movie starring RiRi as a con woman and Nyong’o as the mastermind behind their heists, which target wealthy old white dudes.

It wasn’t long after the tweet went viral, that both Rihanna and Nyong’o turned elaborate fan fiction into possible reality. First, Nyong’o tweeted at Rihanna, saying “I’m down if you are.” Rihanna showed she was game by replying “I’m in Pit’z,” and just like that, the movie of our dreams was born. Even Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae got roped in. “Lights set. Camera’s up. Ready to call action for these #queens,” DuVernay tweeted after fans suggested she helm the hypothetical heist movie.

So, with the infrastructure of a blockbuster already in place, all the newly formed dream team needed was someone to sign a check. Cue Helen Estabrook, the Oscar-nominated producer behind Whiplash, who promptly offered her services. Even Codeblack, a division of Lionsgate, chimed in, tweeting “Lionsgate is ready! Are you guys serious? If so a deal can be done this week!”

Who ever said nothing good can come out of Twitter?