On Thursday night, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and some other very tall men got together to throw an orange ball into an orange hoop. Normally, when three of the five best basketball players in the world are on the same court, all eyes are trained on them.

That was not the case on Thursday because among the many boldface names sitting courtside was Rihanna and boy, did she make her presence felt. If any normal person had courtside tickets to one of the most hugely anticipated games in NBA history, they’d probably arrive hours early to watch shootaround and soak in the buzzy atmosphere. Hell, they might even sleep outside the stadium the night before.

Not Rihanna.

Riri didn’t take her seat until the first quarter was almost over. And when she did, you’d better believe broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy let the world know about.

Once she did sit down, took her well-documented LeBron James fandom to bold new heights. Rihanna could be seen taunting Durant throughout the game, and at one point yelled “brick” at KD, according to the New York Post. Conspiracy theorists flooded social media with claims that Durant glared at Rihanna after making a three, something he denied during the post-game presser.

Though James’ Cavs got run out of the gym, Rihanna’s no fairweather fan and could be heard telling hecklers “It doesn’t matter, bitch, the king is still the king,” as she left the arena.

The finals began with a flurry of speculation as to who will win the championship. Last night, we realized it really doesn’t matter. Rihanna already won.