Forget about Adele and “Hello.” Forget about Busta Rhyme’s “President Agent Orange” — but not for too long, because that one’s going to stick. Forget, even, Blue Ivy channeling Prince and demonstrating that Beyonce and Jay-Z just might be the parents we all wanted all along. No, the winner of tonight’s Grammys, as decided by the viewing public and social media the world over? That would be Rihanna’s diamond encrusted flask.

At first, Twitter wasn’t quite sure what it was seeing:

But then, as soon as it sank in that Rhi Rhi had decided that awards shows are only ever improved with the addition of a little something from home, everyone realized that, yeah, she is definitely the woman we want to sit with if forced to watch Little Big Town singing “Teenage Dream” for no immediately apparent reason.

Of course, it’s not as if Rhianna’s a newcomer when it comes to flask appreciation — hell, she even offered a (sadly, non-diamond encrusted) one as tour merch back in 2014. If there’s such a thing as a Flask Manufacturers Association of America, the obvious choice for your celebrity spokesperson has arrived, and everyone loves her.