New England Patriot’s star tight-end and champion beer chugger Rob Gronkowski doesn’t want you to forget that he’s the All-American-Bro MVP of the NFL, so he’s gone and teamed up with Big Papi and Boston’s favorite mediocre coffee hole, Dunkin’ Donuts, to unleash an iced-coffee-themed dance track on the world.

If you aren’t embarrassed enough, you can check out what we can only assume is another featured track from an upcoming Dunkin’ Donuts-themed EDM concept album, “Sippin,” below. It’s definitely looking like these two songs will be occupying the top spots on the singles charts this summer, in Boston (maybe).

And don’t forget, you can Gronk the high seas with the Gronkmeister himself by gronkin’ across the oceans on a Gronktacular party cruise next year! We continue to await the inevitable Gronking of all forms of entertainment. Someone get Michael Bay on the line and put this man in a movie with lots of explosions and crane shots.