Another week, another big batch of movie trailers. This week’s a pretty diverse bunch, featuring Sally Field’s latest acting triumph, a movie that’ll make you question interactive haunted houses, Adam Sandler’s new Netflix movie, Sam Rockwell as a goofy archaeologist, Robert De Niro having sex with Aubrey Plaza (yes, really) and more.

Check out some of the week’s biggest trailers below.

Robert De Niro wants to take a trip to Florida to honor his late wife, and Zac Efron is just the grandson for the job. What starts as a sentimental little journey quickly morphs into spring break debauchery, shirtlessness, and semen jokes. It seems predictable. It might even be terrible, but damn if Robert De Niro doesn’t look fit for a 72-year-old.

This comedy about an aging woman who decides she wants to get the most out of life and befriends a group of young coworkers charmed everyone at SXSW earlier this year, and the trailer’s finally here to show us why. Sally Field’s still got it.

Another just-plain-weird effort from Napoleon Dynamite creator Jared Hess, this film follows a down-on-his-luck archaeologist (Sam Rockwell) as he tries to find the Biblical head of Goliath and bring it back to an unsavory preacher (Danny McBride). The supporting cast includes Will Forte, Amy Ryan, Jemaine Clement, and Leslie Bibb, which means there’s no way I won’t be seeing this.

So far, Adam Sandler’s Netflix comedy-western has mostly been associated with racism after Native American actors walked off the set due to offensive jokes. Now the first trailer’s here, so we can start associating it with Sandler’s continuing descent into predictability. Sigh We’ll always have Funny People, I suppose.

This time of year, the American landscape is dotted with haunted house experiences meant to give you a nice Halloween fright. This is a movie about one of them, if it were filled with actual killers who are actually murdering the attendees. Hey, I didn’t need any more convincing to stay away from these places, but OK.

Great character actor Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children) directs this crime comedy about a group of guys who get caught up in the affairs of a mobster (John Travolta, reminding us once again that Quentin Tarantino put him in a movie once) and have to carry out a 24-hour kidnapping to get back in his good graces. It might feel a little formulaic, but the cast does look terrific, so it just might be fun.

Professional British Badass Mark Strong plays a spy so good he’s basically a living, breathing video game character. Professional British Weirdo Sacha Baron Cohen plays his idiot soccer hooligan brother. There’s not much to go on here, but these two could make a great action-comedy pair.