Try and ascribe a movie genre to Trump’s presidency, and you’ll find that most fit. It’s at once a horror (Steve Bannon’s face), a spy thriller (the Russia investigation), a disaster film (self-explanatory), a crime saga (the Russia investigation, again) and a romance (Trump’s love affair with himself).

Robert De Niro—one of President Trump’s most vocal critics—had his own way of describing the state of the country in “movie terms,” when he did so during a commencement address at Brown University over the weekend.

De Niro—who was on hand to receive an honorary doctorate of fine arts—said that in the age of Obama the U.S. was an “inspiring uplifting drama,” but since Trump came to power it’s descended into the realm of “tragic dumbass comedy”, according to the Associated Press.

While we can all agree that Trump’s time in office has spawned its fair share of hilarious moments (like this, this and this), there was nothing funny about Trump’s recent trip overseas, which saw him bulldoze his way across Europe while jeopardizing some of our most crucial alliances and agreements.

No one was laughing when upon his return, Trump took to Twitter to attack the media even more ferociously than before, while paying only minor attention to the terrorist attack in Portland.

But maybe by calling the country a “tragic dumbass comedy,” De Niro wasn’t invoking classics like Dumb and Dumber and Animal House. He may have been thinking more along the lines of Jack and Jill or Freddy Got Fingered. The only difference is those comedies were over after 90 minutes. This one has no real end in sight.