I’m starting to feel like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is slowly but steadily replacing the actual universe. The latest news from the ubiquitous Marvel camp has sparked a hashtag frenzy on Twitter and comic book fan conniptions everywhere else.

Last night, Variety reported that Robert Downey Jr. is close to signing a deal to, once again, play Tony Stark – not in Iron Man 4, but in the upcoming third installment of the standalone Captain America franchise.

The crossover is a move to bring to the big screen the Civil War storyline that originated in Marvel’s actual comics — remember those? — and pitted Iron Man Tony Stark against Captain Steve Rogers in a battle for the basic human rights of people with super powers. (If this strikes you as suspiciously similar to the philosophical conflict between the X-Men franchise’s Professor X and Magneto over mutant rights, then A, you are correct, and B, there is no prize as being a nerd is its own reward.)

But first, as an exercise, go to Twitter and look up the hashtag #CivilWar. It’s as if Lincoln, Bull Run, and Gettysburg never existed.

Seriously, though. What does that even mean?