Just the word alone sounds futuristic, but the autonomous concept of “Roborace” is mind-boggling and head-spinning. It’s more or less what you’d guess, race cars racing other cars—and it’ll be real come next year.

Yes, 2017 will be the year of Formula E’s Roborace, the world’s first driverless racing series, and the concept art for what those madcap roarin’ vehicles will probably look like is already here, thanks to Chief Design Officer Daniel Simon.

You may be familiar with Simon’s work, given that he designed the Bubbleship in Oblivion as well as the freakin’ light cycles for Tron: Legacy, which is just about the coolest thing you could put on any résumé, and his already includes working for Bugatti.

Roborace will feature all-electric rides, so wrap your thought process about attending a grand prix where mankind comes to enjoy the destruction of robots (prior to uprising and revolution of said robots, of course). I’m just thrilled this means we’re one step closer to robot wrestling.

While it may initially look like a Micro Machine in the pictures, the whip has all the dark and dramatic flair of an on-screen Transformer in the hype video. The whole thing is pretty bitchin’.

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