The robot butler pal developer Bethesda created in Fallout 4 is learning.

Codsworth, the loveable robot housekeeper/babysitter/coffee maker who tends to the player character’s house for the 200 or so years they’re cryogenically frozen at the outset of Fallout 4, was originally programmed to call players by the names they punch in at the beginning of the game.

Before, however, Codsworth’s vocabulary was somewhat limited. Sure, he could call you “Fuckface” or “Sex,” because that’s hilarious, but a number of real but uncommon names didn’t make the cut—even though Bethesda programmed more than 1,000.

That’s changed with a recent update to Fallout 4 that adds a lot more names to Codsworth’s repertoire. Fans on Reddit have reportedly mined all the new additions, which include a bunch of names from Star Wars: The Force Awakens such as Hux and Phasma, and other pop culture references, like Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg and Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck.

This is how it starts, though. Giving a robot the ability to recognize names gives it more capabilities in recognizing identities. And we all know what comes after that: Robot Arnold Schwarzenegger going through the phone book, exing-out Sarah Connors. You’re bringing this on yourself, humanity.

Via Polygon