You know, sometimes it seems like the inevitable robot apocalypse is a couple of generations off, and we can all just chill and let our grandkids deal with it. Then, we see crazy stuff like this.

The video above comes from the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. It’s the third incarnation of their rock-paper-scissors robot, which wins at the game 100 percent of the time because it can observe and predict human hand movements and provide the appropriate response within one millisecond.

Now, that may not sound terrifying now, but just imagine if you’re fighting an evil robot in the post-apocalypse wastelands of 2017, and that robot can predict exactly where you’re going to shoot in one millisecond. Yeah, not so fun now, is it? You’re dead, and that robot’s dancing to “Uptown Funk” because that song is literally a virus that infects all things.

Anyway, just a heads-up that we’re all doomed to submit to our machine overlords. Have a great week, everyone!