You won’t just be rocking out in Rock Band 4; you’ll be selling out, too—if you so choose.

The new game in the cooperative music-playing franchise, in which players take up different plastic instruments and work together to hammer through various tracks, puts you on a quest to ascend into rock godhood. And how you ascend—as a beloved indie sensation, a super-popular stadium crew or a well-paid corporate shill—is up to you.

As IGN reports, Rock Band 4 is taking the world tour aspects of previous titles and adding some serious weight to them, offering players chances to decide what gigs to take, where to play, and what kind of band they’ll be.

Your choices affect your path through the game, and will even change how crowds react to you, making shows easier or more difficult. Open your show with a sponsorship message for cold cuts in front of a crowd of vegans, for example, and you’re going to have to shred extra hard to rock their socks off.

No doubt you’ll still be able to strap on a plastic guitar and simply bang out a few songs, but it sounds like the game’s meatier modes will be a lot more complex than the casual action of past Rock Band titles.

But no matter what path to stardom you take, if Harmonix really wants to make Rock Band 4 authentic then every path to success will need to involve getting a song into a car or Apple commercial and retiring on the subsequent MP3 sales. That’s not selling out, that’s just being smart.

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