There’s something about using a rocket-powered vehicle to kick a soccer goal that just seems to resonate with humanity.

Rocket League has a relatively simple concept for a game—car soccer—but it’s one that really works, with the game making about $50 million since its release in July, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Considering it only cost about $2 million to make, that’s a phenomenal success.

It’s even more surprising when you consider that Rocket League, a $20 game, is only currently available on two platforms: Playstation 4 and PC. An Xbox One version is getting released early next year, but so far, that’s a huge portion of players who haven’t had a chance to buy the game yet. Add to that the fact that a big part of Playstation 4 player base got the game for free thanks to Sony’s Playstation Plus service, and you get an even clearer picture of how much positive buzz Rocket League has picked up.

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Another side of the story of the game’s success is the way developer Psyonix has continued to support the game for the last five months, putting out both free and paid content updates to keep the game fresh—like the newly added “Snow Day” mode that switches out car soccer for car hockey. Rocket League’s success and popularity also led to some very cool tie-in partnerships, like one that added Back to the Future’s time-traveling DeLorean to the game.

Clearly there’s a future in this whole vehicular sports idea. If Psyonix is taking suggestions, here are a few: Tank bocce ball. Helicopter rugby. Polo with horses played on an aircraft carrier which is also playing water polo against a bunch of other aircraft carriers. Those are all free, Psyonix. You’re welcome.