In eight days, Marty McFly will arrive in modern-day Hill Valley from the year 1985, do some tricks on a hoverboard, and nearly destroy California by giving incredible wealth to history’s greatest villain, Biff Tannen.

In celebration, rocket-powered car soccer game Rocket League is adding Dr. Emmett Brown’s famous time-traveling Delorean from Back to the Future: Part II to its repertoire of vehicles. Because if you’re going to build a car that flies through the air to hit a soccer ball, it might as well be this one.

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The car will be available for download on Oct. 21 for $1.99. It’ll feature a few special accoutrements to make it feel true to the film, like the flaming tire tracks that follow it when players hit the “boost” button, and wheels that fold underneath the car whenever it takes to the air.

Awesome as all that sounds for Back to the Future fans, seems like there are a bunch of opportunities developer Psyonix is missing here. Like if someone steals the ball from you, it could play Griff Tannen shouting, “C’mon McFly, you chicken?” And if someone blows up, your screen blinks “YOU’RE FIRED,” which also gets printed by every fax machine in your house, because that’s what 2015 is like.