Watching high-level teams compete in Rocket League is one part amazing, one part humbling. Playing soccer with cars is huge fun, but when you see players making their cars do crazy flying rocket moves to complete insane shots, you realize it’s also a thing of beauty.

There might be no higher level of play than at the first official Major League Gaming tournament for Rocket League, which took place last week. Two of the game’s best teams—one of which had never lost a series of games before, ever—went to the best-of-three finals and took the battle down to the very last second. And slightly beyond.

Check out the video above, which has all three games between favorite team Cosmic Aftershock, the folks who won 49 straight series, and Kings of Urban, the challengers. It’s the final match that’s the most impressive, and specifically, its final moments. But if you can clear 20 minutes from your schedule to watch the whole thing, it’s definitely recommended.