If you don’t know William Roger Dean — or, simply, Roger Dean — he’s the English artist best known for crafting iconic album covers for bands like Yes, Asia, and Osibisa. His technicolor, alien landscapes and fantastic creatures seem straight out of an epic science fiction film — which might explain why Dean thought he could win a plagiarism lawsuit against James Cameron, claiming that the legendary director borrowed too heavily from his artwork to create the designs for the blockbuster film Avatar.

As Variety reported yesterday, Dean lost the suit despite some noticeable similarities between the worlds of his imagination and Cameron’s Pandora. I would say, “Judge for yourself,” but it wouldn’t make a difference, seeing as how a real judge has already ruled.

Instead, here are six album covers created by Roger Dean that, were they made into million dollar motion pictures, might be more satisfying than Avatar:

Asia, *Astra*

Is that robot escaping the city? Or is that robot’s brain a city?

Budgie, *Squawk*

Whether we’re looking at a cyborg parakeet or a sentient fighter jet, the dogfights are guaranteed to be awesome.

Third Ear Band, *Music from MacBeth*

I seriously need to see this version of Macbeth.

Osibis,a *Osibisa*

Forget the elephant in the room. Look out for the elephants in the sky!

Paladin, *Charge!*

I really like where Dean was going with the whole automated animals thing.

Greenslade, *Bedside Manners Are Extra*

I don’t know what this character purports to be a doctor of, but I would pay good money to see him practice medicine.