2014 saw the release of several highly creative albums that challenged the bounds of musical genres. St. Vincent’s self-titled album included a mix of pop hooks, electro-funk beats and some sick guitar riffs that dominated the indie rock genre. Turn Blue by the Black Keys skewed more towards a more retro and complex sound than their previous work. Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is basically beat poetry in musical form. And Taylor Swift continued to be Taylor Swift (which means being perfect at everything) with 1989.

So what did Rolling Stone magazine choose as the best album of 2014? None other than U2’s new album, Songs of Innocence a.k.a. the album Apple put on your iPhone and didn’t tell you until it came up while you were listening to your library on shuffle.

Are we sure they didn

Are we sure they didn’t mean Best Album of 1984?

It’s certainly an interesting choice for best album of the year. Songs of Innocence didn’t get great reviews from critics, receiving an average score of 65 from critics on Metacritic. Also, Apple had to create a page to help people remove the album from their iPhone.


It’s so good, you’ll want step-by-step instructions to delete it forever

Rolling Stone will certainly grab some headlines for their choice, although it probably won’t help the magazine’s reputation as stuck decades behind relevant music. At least they didn’t include any other aging rockstars who are way past their prime on the list.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone


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