In late June 1972, the Rolling Stones were rocking and rolling in full force, smack in the middle of their notorious American tour to support Exile on Main Street and mere weeks away from the arrest of Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood in Fordyce, Arkansas—a culture-clashing farce that would inform the first chapter of Richards’ memoir Life. Traversing the country, with Stevie wonder as the opening act, the Stones eventually made their way to the Chicago Mansion. At the time the Mansion was arguably the most sought-after celebrity dwelling place in the midwest.

While there, they generated rumors of people getting friendly underneath grand pianos, needles littering the floor and Hef schooling Bill Wyman on the mysteries of backgammon. At one point a playmate accidentally shoved Mick Jagger onto a cake. Keith Richards was reportedly non-responsive much of the time.

The receipt below, rendered in the book Inside the Playboy Mansion by Gretchen Edgren, shows the cost of the Rolling Stones’ stay. Obviously hedonism is measured in dollars and destroyed furniture when it comes to having Mick, Keith and the rest of the guys over.