Via Flickr user [SolarScott](https://www.flickr.com/photos/solarscott1955/8275599519/in/set-72157632257706142).

Via Flickr user SolarScott.

I saw the Rolling Stones play a show on their Bridges to Babylon Tour in 1997. That means I’m old. The thing is, in 1997, the Rolling Stones were already old. Nearly 20 years later, they are ancient. But somehow, they’re still managing to not only record music, but also tour. In fact, they just wrapped up a 15-city run in North America, and TMZ got a hold of their tour’s rider (a.k.a. list of demands and requests from venues).

What’s the one thing a group comprised of men in their 70’s cannot do without?

An open bar, of course.

By open, I don’t mean free. The band demands that every hotel they stay at has a bar that’s literally open 24/7. Of course, as TMZ points out, this isn’t legal in many cities, but the rider offers no indication of how hotels were expected to manage this request. Although I assume the question “Would you like a picture with the Rolling Stones, officer?” was asked at least a few times.

Other requests (not demands) made in the rider include:

  • Blacked out windows (very helpful for 24 drinking)
  • Extra butlers (you can never have to many butlers)
  • After hours dry cleaning (for all those questionable rock-star stains)
  • Plenty of Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights (because why stop smoking at 70?)

And last but not least, the band requested written instructions for using the electronics in each room. Because even old rock stars get confused by the source button on a remote.

(Source: TMZ, H/T: BroBible)