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Rolls Royce Redefines Lavish With Diamond Encrusted Paint Job

So if you thought that a Rolls Royce couldn’t get more luxurious than the extravagant price tag and accomodating interior, you would be dead wrong. Honestly, I’m not sure just how much more extravagant you can get than literal diamond paint. The Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance is a Roll’s Royce with a coating of paint that is comprised of 1,000 crushed diamonds. The unique Rolls, aptly named ‘Diamond Stardust’, was the result of fine-tuned research on behalf of the Goodwood’s Technical Laboratory, overseen by Rolls Royce.

Bespoke Cars·Rolls-Royce

Bespoke Cars·Rolls-Royce

Scientists used different diamonds to see which would show most in paint, while not adding a rough texture to the body of the car. According to the press release, the mixture was established by “Examining the dimensions of the precious stones with the use of a high-powered microscope, the team carefully analyzing their transmission and reflection of light.”

Eventually they settled on a diamond dust, allowing Goodwood’s Technical Laboratory to get the sheen they wanted without the ruffage of typical stones. This achieved by mixing in the dust with the car’s soon to be paint.

diamond dust

Don’t focus too much on the exterior though, the inside looks just as good. With the trademark sleek leather interiors, so you can be comfortable in the 'Diamond Stardust.’

Bespoke Cars·Rolls-Royce

Bespoke Cars·Rolls-Royce

The car debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show, and was comissioned for a private collector. So besides the fact that you will never have enough money to afford it, there was only going to be one anyway.

I’ll just have to keep waiting for the day where I can buy a Geode infused Dodge Viper.

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