Well, this is certainly an interesting story. For those who weren’t aware, there’s a Ronda Rousey-themed adult film parody that exists. It’s called ‘Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded and Pounded’. Whoever came up with that title deserves a raise and a million dollars.

The actress who portrays Ronda Rousey, or Ronda ArouseMe rather, is none other than Kleio Valentien. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, the adult film starlet discusses her big role.

She touches on a number of topics, like the fact that Ronda hasn’t reached out to comment about the parody, but also hasn’t said anything negative so perhaps no news is good news. “We have had some people who are angry about it, who think she’s worked really hard to be more than just a good woman fighter but a great fighter in general, that we were sexualizing her too much,” she said. It’s a valid point, but it’s also all in good fun.

The really interesting part of the interview came when Valentien basically begged Rousey to go out with her. “If I could ask her out on a date, I would totally do that,” she said. “Ronda, if you ever listen to this, please go out on a date with me.” Ronda has yet to reach out or respond, but that’s got to be a pretty tempting offer. If you end up having sex with someone who’s dressed up like you, is that technically masturbation?

Before I break my brain thinking about that, here are some more pics of Kleio Valentien!

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