2015 isn’t like the old days. If you used to want to ask out a girl, you’d either have to build up the testicular fortitude to go approach her, or if you were lucky enough to have her phone number, then you’d have to call and ask her out. Yes, call as in make a real phone call and speak with your voices. There’s even a chance, depending on what age we’re talking about, that you’d have to awkwardly speak to a parent or sibling before even getting to the person you’re targeting.

Nowadays? You can swipe right, you can slide into a DM, you send a Snapchat, or choose from a seemingly endless number of options. This US Marine, Jerrod Haschert, pretty much did the equivalent of showing up on someone’s doorstep with roses; he made a YouTube video. Now, he wasn’t just asking out any random Sally next door. An extravagant proposal is required when asking out an extravagant date. This particular invitation was for none other than UFC badass Ronda Rousey.

A valiant effort, that’s for sure. The part that he didn’t expect was that she said YES!

Jerrod was rightfully shocked and delighted by the good news. Ronda claims she isn’t a “first date kind of girl”, but Jerrod intends on being a complete gentleman.

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