Over a year after losing the women’s bantamweight title to Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey is preparing to get back in the ring. She’s scheduled to take on Amanda Nunes on December 30 in Las Vegas, and a new promo video shows her training hard for the fight, Rocky-style:

She went on Conan this week to discuss the upcoming fight, and responded to Amanda’s claim that she’ll take Ronda out in the first round: “She kind of has to say that, because everybody knows she gasses out in the second. She has to tell herself that.”

Ronda also revealed she’s taken up an unexpected new hobby: knitting. It’s more than an old-fashioned craft — she’s learning how to make her own clothes as part of her “apocalypse plan.”

Instead of blowing her prize money on things like private jets and fancy cars, she told Conan she’s saving up to build a self-sustaining compound where she can raise animals.

When she’s not working out or planning what to do when the world ends, she likes to play “World of Warcraft” with Vin Diesel.

Despite her myriad accomplishments and hobbies, let’s not forget about those Sports Illustrated pics win which she posed in a painted-on one-piece.