Having conquered the world of mixed martial arts, the superhuman known as Ronda Rousey now has her sights set on ruling the world of action movies. After appearances in Furious 7 and Entourage this year, Rousey’s preparing to star in a film based on her own memoir, and now she’s added another project to her list: a remake of Road House.

Yes, the cult classic Patrick Swayze film about a noble bouncer and his quest to tame both a rowdy bar and a corrupt businessman is getting the reboot treatment, and this time it seems Rousey will take the bouncer role. According to Variety, the film will begin production next year, and screenwriters are already being sought. The report also notes that, before taking the role, Rousey asked for and received the blessing of Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi.

So, get ready for Ronda Rousey’s bouncer with a mysterious past. Though I’ll bet no one in the movie will say “I thought you’d be bigger.”

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