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Here are the Official Pics of Ronda Rousey in Body Paint for the SI Swimsuit Issue

With each January, you—all starry-eyed and buoyant—wonder what the new year will hold. This time around, it was mostly us just wishing and hoping that Ronda Rousey would appear in the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (and that El Niño doesn’t sink California). Here’s the pic that originally set off all that speculation:

Today, Sports Illustrated gave us a reason to believe that good things happen to good people when it dropped the news that Rousey was indeed to kick it between their pages wearing only body paint.

Back for her second year, Ronda Rousey will join an elite club of body-painted swimsuit models in the 2016 SI Swimsuit issue. Yep, you read that right. Ronda will wearing NOTHING BUT PAINT on the pages of our magazine next month.

So what could be better? Well, as it turns out, the beach in Grenada where we shot Ronda’s gorgeous photos is public, so some eager paparazzi got a few early snaps. That means Christmas is coming again, folks! We’re sharing a few BTS shots that are sure to tie you over until our official images of Ronda hit newsstands next month.

So here they are, inspiring your fresh new year’s resolution to buy the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and never be anything less than elated again.

Photo by M.J. Day

Photo by M.J. Day

Photo by M.J. Day

Photo by M.J. Day

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