Ronda Rousey is a hurricane force. She’s a confident, indestructible power in the UFC ring, and she brawled Saturday night like there was a fever in her bones. At UFC 190, in just 34 seconds, after swinging like Neo at the end of The Matrix, Rousey KO’d trash-talking challenger Bethe Correia.

The 28-year-old American remains undefeated (now a record of 12-0), with last night being the sixth straight defense of her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion title. And not only can she fight, but she sounds like a mastermind when she talks about it.

“It kind of went how I expected,” Rousey told UFC commentator Joe Rogan. “I planned to instead of trying to force a clinch, overwhelm her [with] striking first, so that she would want to clinch first, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Here are some things that take longer than this fight:

  • Taking a shower.

  • Ironing a shirt.

  • Brewing a pot of coffee.

  • Heating up leftovers.

  • Deciding what to watch on Netflix.

  • Sitting through a Hulu commercial break.

  • Watching this video of new Playmate Dominique Jayne, wait, what, how did this get here?