It was only a matter of time until tech made its way into our drinking games. Unless you count drinking each time real fear is felt while watching The Terminator, The Matrix, I, Robot, or any of the many other robot-takeover flicks we keep making without taking any solid lessons from, we leave machines out of our boozy fun. That is…until now.

Welcome to the age of Roomba Pong! A carnival-like spin on classic beer pong, this tricky next level is simple—just balance or tape the red cups on Roomba and let it rip around.

I honestly hope this becomes a standard. Everyone has those friends who can sink beer pong shots while chatting up babes about supposedly owning jet skis. This versions destroys those who auto-dominate the beer pong table at parties, since Roomba just keeps stumbling around, the drunk. Plus, Roomba’s one of the few buds who’ll stay the night to clean up the party in the morning.

And as proven by Park and Recreation’s Tom Haverford, Roomba can also be the DJ!