The debate between Android and iPhone continues as both Google and Apple continue pushing the boundaries for what mobile devices are capable of doing. And while everyone has their preferred smartphone, usually people are civil when debating the merits of these two products. Unless they live in Oklahoma.

Early Friday morning, a man was discovered stumbling around the parking lot of an apartment building while covered in blood. When police arrived, the man told them he and his roommate had been drinking when they began discussing the iPhone vs. Android debate. This argument got out-of-hand, as they tend to do when alcohol is involved, and the two of them broke beer bottles and stabbed each other with them, which I’ve never heard happening outside of 1980s action movies. At one point, one roommate smashed a bottle on the back of the other one’s head, which also seems like something that doesn’t actually happen in real life.

Police have not disclosed whether charges will be filed over the incident. Both men are currently in the hospital getting treated for their injuries.

Also we have to give credit to Tulsa’s ABC affiliate KTUL Channel 8 for their hard-hitting investigation on this piece. Here’s an actual quote from their story, “Police did not respond when our photographer asked which phone is better.”

What are they hiding?

(h/t Uproxx)