Hulk smash…feelings. It’s true, given that Dr. Bruce Banner disappeared at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron by jacking a jet to venture into self-reflective hiberation after losing his loosey-goosey marbles as the Incredible Hulk. We’ll see what happened to the big mean green in Thor: Ragnarok, and it’ll be a more complex Jekyll-Hyde identity between the calm doctor and furious superhero, according to Mark Ruffalo.

“[Banner/Hulk] is on the run. I think that we carry that through. It’s not just a matter of taking himself to some remote place and hiding. Now he’s removing himself from humanity altogether. I’m not sure where we’re going to head with that, but I’m sure that’s probably still very much alive within him.”

It goes deeper, and it’s not exactly run of the mill.

“Yeah, I think it is. I think it’s really exciting where we could go with it. Now I feel like we’re kind of in No Man’s Land. I mean, the comic books have kind of broached the subject, but we’re moving away from the traditional Hulk/Banner relationship. We’re starting to mess with it a little bit.”

And the plan is to keep exploring.

“Now we’re going to see how far we can push the limits of it before people get sick of it!”

[H/T Complex]