How the rap game has changed. Amid a tough climate of declining music profitability, where streaming and pirating continues to melt revenues, musicians have to look to other means of generating income. Run The Jewels handle this challenge with typical grace and style: Last week they announced a festive, cool-as-fuck collaboration with L.A.-based clothing label Daylight Curfew.

Run The Jewels are no strangers to brand distribution, as they proved with their Gears Of War 4 collaboration earlier this month.

The bar for holiday merch bonanzas was set last year by 2Chainz with his infamous Dabbin’ Santa line. Only time will tell if Run The Jewels will clear this milestone, but with a lethal pun like Run the Yules—a marked improvement over Meow the Jewels—it looks like they have a good shot.

Beyond holiday threads, they have several other alluring options. One is a shirt harkening to the aforementioned Gears of War collaboration.

Another advertises their world tour.

Regardless of which option you pick, you will definitely be adding some killer threads to your wardrobe. Check out the full range of options here.