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This Russian ATV Is Great for Driving Over Traffic

Anyone who has ever sat in miserable bumper-to-bumper traffic has had the thought cross through their head. “What if I had a car that could just drive over all these idiots in front of me?” Sure, there’s the whole bodily harm that would likely be caused to the people inside and the rampant vehicle damage, but the appeal of a vehicle that can conquer anything in its path is undeniable.

Well, now that vehicle is here. The Sherp ATV comes from Russia (because, of course) and might just be the most badass mode of transportation known to man. In the case of the Sherp, all-terrain doesn’t just refer to being able to drive on roads and dirt and rocks. The Sherp can even drive through water. If you wanted to drive across a frozen lake to an ice fishing shanty because you’re a huge Grumpy Old Men fan and fell through the ice, no big deal. The Sherp can drive 3.7 miles per hour through the water and 27.9 miles per hour on land. It has nearly two feet of ground clearance and most importantly, as the video above shows, it can do some sick donuts.

The Sherp starts at $65,000 with a soft-top tent in the back and has the option of a generator so you could even live in it if your landlord decides to jack up your rent.

See more images of the Sherp below.

via sherp

via sherp

via sherp

via sherp

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.

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